The annual family vacation is a time honored tradition that, thankfully, remains strong and as we grow older, we start to become aware of the importance of our origins. Our parents are also growing older and although we don’t want to think about it, will not be with us forever.  

As thoughts turn to family vacations with the original generation included, Pretty Picky Properties would like to take a few minutes out of your day to do a walkthrough of one of our favorite multi-generational properties.  

Home Bays 111-B, located just minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Brewster offers 4 serene bedrooms and 3 spacious baths. It is the in-law apartment that makes this beautiful space stand out, giving Grandma and Grandpa the opportunity to join in on the family adventures while also being able to carve out a little space for themselves! 

Secluded Delights 

Life can be loud and although we may love the hustle, bustle, and noise, we certainly appreciate the quieter moments, moments that our Cape Cod visitors can find in this stunning escape. Tucked away on a secluded portion of land, your first sight of its traditional Cape Cod exterior will be followed by the realization that you can actually hear yourself think in this enchanted landscape.  

Inside, modern interiors complement homey comforts, and each room brings with it a sense of joy and peace. Sink into the softness of plush sectionals in the living room, staying connected with your favorite humans as they sip coffee at the dining room table (this one is glass and metal, adding another modern touch to the space) or as they rummage through the refrigerator in the fully equipped kitchen just beyond.  

There is no television in this living room, but never fear, a second seating area filled with equally comfortable furnishings, offers a state-of-the-art one that will let you keep up with your favorite shows, should you choose.  

The kitchen space of Home Bays features sleek countertops atop a peninsula that can be used for additional dining space as it is mimics a table and chairs can be tucked under 3 of its sides. Updated appliances allow guests to savor a quiet night at home, choosing to make dinner at home instead of heading out to the restaurants. Choices are important, and a gas grill located on the patio of what you may consider our secret garden gives you additional options for meal making.  

Home Bays is a bright and light-filled home, due in part to the large windows and French door that takes up most of the back of the house. As you step outside onto the patio of the aforementioned secret garden, you may find the area you want to spend much of your time chilling and relaxing in. Chaise lounges provide a place to bask in the warmth of the sun, a patio table surrounded by a plethora of chairs provide a great space in which you can enjoy sunset meals, and beds of colorful flowers create a Zen space for all. 

But What About Gigi? 

Whether you call her Gigi, Grandma, MeeMaw, or even Abuela or Oma, the woman that started it all can enjoy her time spent with you, while retreating to her in-law apartment at the end of the day. This compact space offers everything the rest of the home does, just on a smaller scale, and yes, that includes a second kitchen, bathroom, and a serene and tranquil bedroom. Although we can’t promise that the grandkids won’t beg for a sleepover, we can promise that the matron of your family (or patron or both!) will have the opportunity to enjoy quiet moments in the midst of a chaotic family getaway!

Every Bedroom Stands Out 

At night when the skies above you turn that magical shade of velvety purple and the stars blink down merrily on tiring travelers, our bedrooms will provide more peace and comfort that may end up being the highlight of your escape to the Cape. Each room is decorated in styles designed to be tranquil, built to not interfere with the quality of your sleep, and although these rooms do not offer televisions, they provide all the comforts you need to enjoy long nights of deep sleep and happy dreams. The ensuite bath for the primary suite also provides a deep soaking tub, perfect for soaking, sipping, and savoring more quiet moments of peace and joy! 

Bringing Joy to All 

The best vacations can be made even better with a beautiful vacation home and Home Bays 111-B promises to be an integral part of a dream vacation come true! Reserve this beautiful escape and contact us today and find your joy!