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Is your Cape Cod home really ready for the summer rental season? Not until you’ve done these 10 things

When does your Cape Cod summer rental season begin? We’re not talking about that three- or four-day rental you may have booked over the Memorial Day weekend. We mean, when does your summer rental season really kick in for good – no time off – just back-to-back-to-back rentals? Probably some time in June or early July, right? Point is, whenever it starts, you need to be ready – really ready,...

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Planning to rent your Cape Cod home without air conditioning to summer vacationers? Not cool.

Many Cape Cod homes do not have any form of air conditioning. Their owners feel it is an unnecessary extra cost. They’ll say things like, “People come to the Cape in the summer for the cooling sea breezes. Who needs air conditioning?” You can rationalize all you want, but the fact is that most families vacationing in a private Cape Cod vacation home on the Cape in the summer want...

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The three most common mistakes owners make in the kitchen of their Cape Cod vacation rental home.

What’s the most important single room in your Cape Cod vacation rental when it comes to managing your summer rentals? You know it’s the kitchen. A big part of the reason so many people rent private homes like yours instead of staying at a resort is they get to prepare their own meals and save a pile of money on restaurant tabs. So the kitchen is absolutely key. Rather than...

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What’s on TV? Five things you need to know about television and your Cape summer vacation rental guests.

There are families who will tell you they could care less whether they have TV In their Cape Cod rental property. But they are a decided minority. Most people want and expect to have television. For many, a vacation without TV would be more like a prison sentence. So do what the market wants — you need TV. Here are five things about rentals and TV you should know: It...

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Fix your “broken windows”: how making little things right can make a big difference in your Cape vacation rental success.

OK, so your Cape Cod property probably doesn’t actually have any broken windows per se. But what about that outdoor shower door that doesn’t latch right any more? Or that toilet in the half bath where you have to hold down the flush handle or the bowl won’t empty completely? Broken Windows, Broken Business is a business book by Michael Levine which has direct application to your summer vacation rentals...

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Don’t let accidental guest damage put a dent in your Cape Cod vacation rental success.

First of all, if you’re going to rent, you can’t sweat the small stuff. How will you feel about that water ring left on your coffee table? When you do summer rentals, you’re running a small business that can gross up to $50,000 each season or more, depending on the property and its location. There will be the inevitable costs of doing business, including expected wear and tear. Vacationing families,...

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Four ways to encourage good behavior by your vacation rental guests.

Your rental summer vacationers are generally good people who want to do the right things when they stay at your Cape Cod vacation property. As an owner/host, you need to do the right things to encourage them to behave as you hope they will. Create the conditions for success!   Share your expectations — in writing. Guests are not mind readers. Surely, you have specific guest guidelines for your property....

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A Day at the Beach: How to Optimize Your Cape Cod Vacation Rental Guests’ Beach Experience.

Why is Cape Cod such a popular family vacation destination? Basically, it’s the beaches. So if they’re coming for the beach, what can you do as an owner/host to enhance their Cape Cod beach vacation? Beach chairs are a must. If your property is directly on the beach, you may want to furnish those Adirondack-style resin chairs. They’re comfy, pretty durable with no parts to rust and seem to hold...

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Take on pests before they take over your Cape Cod vacation rental season.

When your vacation rental guest sees a mouse or an ant in your house, you’ve got a problem. The guests want the pests gone, of course, but many guests, especially those with young children or pets, will not allow an exterminator anywhere near the place. You can offer them “green” products that are safe to use around children and pets, but it may be too little, too late.   That’s...

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Safety First! Three preventive steps a Cape Cod homeowner should take before vacation rental guests arrive.

    So you fixed the running toilet, patched the torn screens, scheduled a professional deep spring cleaning and bought some new beach chairs to replace those old rusty ones. You’re all set for the vacation rental season, right?   Not if you haven’t taken the following property management safety issues into account:   Check your insurance. If you haven’t already, ask your insurance agent or carrier if your current...

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