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Spending Your Spring Break in Cape Cod

Are you ready for your next getaway? If so, you’ve made the right call to consider Cape Cod for your Spring Break vacation. Known for its picturesque landscapes, charming coastal towns, and laid-back atmosphere, Cape Cod offers a perfect blend of relaxation and outdoor adventures. Get ready for an unforgettable Spring Break as we guide you through the exciting activities that make this destination a top choice for a memorable...

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Celebrate Your Mother This Mother’s Day By Gifting Her A Trip To Cape Cod

Every year in May, the entire nation finds itself struggling over the same thing, what to get our moms for Mother’s Day. Our moms are our heroes, offering unconditional love, support, and protection and you would think it would be easy to find the perfect gift for someone who deserves so much, but if we are honest with ourselves, most years we fail. The flowers we give her may be...

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Don’t Miss Out on Easter on Cape Cod

Easter on Cape Cod is an unforgettable experience! With its stunning shorelines, beaches, and charming towns, there’s no better place to celebrate Easter than Cape Cod. The possibilities for celebrating this special holiday are endless, from traditional Easter egg hunts to picturesque walks on the beach. Whether you’re looking for a festive family outing or just a peaceful day away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Easter on Cape...

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Two Ways Cape Cod Homeowners Can Adjust to a More Competitive Vacation Rental Market.

It has nothing to do with climate change, but we notice a sea change on Cape Cod this spring – at least in the private home rental market for Cape Cod homeowners. There are just way too many prime weeks still open at this point in the booking season. We think it’s because there are just way more properties in play this year than ever before for rental guests to...

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Best time ever for large group Cape Cod vacation rentals.

  Shown above: Nauset Beach Area, East Orleans Sleeps 12 Peak Summer Weeks: $8,200 – $8,900   Every year we receive many requests from large groups such as multi-generational families and multiple families seeking Cape Cod rentals for large groups where they can all stay together. And where resort-style amenities like a swimming pool keep everyone happy even when they’re not at the beach. Until now, we had very few such...

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Three Ways Owner Families Can De-Rail Cape Cod Summer Rentals

If you buy it, they will come. Nothing you’ll ever do will bring your family together like owning a select property on Cape Cod. Family members will drive or even fly hours to spend quality time with you — or without you — at your beautiful Cape home. And if you want or need to generate good income from Cape Cod summer rentals, that can cause some issues. For example:...

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Why you need more than cleaning on vacation rental turnover days.

If you rent your Cape Cod property for family vacations, there’s nothing more important than having dependable, top notch cleaners doing their thing every turnover day. Professional vacation rental turnover cleaning is a marvel of skill and efficiency that never ceases to amaze. But it’s not nearly enough. Because there’s a pretty big gap between what cleaners can and will do on a turnover day, and what needs to be...

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Five Affordable Upgrades Your Vacation Rental Guests Want Most

OK, so you won’t be adding the heated, in-ground pool this year. But just because that’s not in the cards (or budget), what about these won’t-break-the-bank vacation rental upgrades rental guests tell us over and over they would most appreciate: 1. New Pillows Seriously now, just how old are those pillows at your Cape home? If you can’t remember, that’s not a good sign. Can’t tell you how often we...

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Fido Fills Weeks — Consider Pets for Your Vacation Rental and Broaden Market Appeal

First, understand that pets are not a protected class under the Fair Housing Act. You can advertise “Pets Considered,” then decide case by case, yea or nay. You can rent one week to a family with a six-pound, well trained Pomeranian, then just say “No” to the group with the twin Palominos. Totally your call.

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