Chatham & Orleans Properties rent Friday to Friday during Summer Months

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Terms of Use


If the TENANT cancels this lease in writing to the LANDLORD’S AGENT after the Rent Deposit is received by the LANDLORD, and 120 days or more before occupancy, then TENANT payments will be refunded at 100% of the rental deposit paid at time of cancellation, less a $250 administration fee. If TENANT cancels this lease after 120 days before occupancy, TENANT will not be entitled to a refund unless the LANDLORD re-rents the same term for an equal or greater rent, then all payments paid at the time of cancellation will be refunded to the TENANT within 30 days after the term of this lease. If the LANDLORD does not re-rent for the same term, all TENANT payments for the entire contract amount are due and forfeited to the LANDLORD. Except as stated above, no refunds will be provided for conditions or events beyond the control of the LANDLORD or the AGENT. Refunds are not provided for noise or other annoyances, such as but not limited to construction from nearby properties not owned by the landlord.

Please consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance.

The parties hereto, in consideration of these presents, agree that this is a Massachusetts contract and a lease for a vacation or recreational use as expressed in Massachusetts General Laws C, 186 15(B) 9, as amended. The parties further agree that:

  • No more than the listed number of persons, including infants, children and overnight visitors listed on the lease shall occupy said premises and shall not permit more than the listed number of vehicles on the lease to be parked in the spaces assigned to the premises at any time. No camper vehicles that provide sleeping accommodations of any kind will be allowed without prior approval from the LANDLORD.
  • No smoking, nor animals, birds or pets of any description shall be allowed on the leased premises (unless otherwise noted on the lease). Violation of any of these policies will result in a $5,000 penalty charged to the account on file.
  • The LANDLORD will provide utilities to the property during the rental term. Such utilities include electricity, cold and hot water, natural gas (if applicable), heat and trash removal. The TENANT agrees to act reasonably to avoid wasting of water, heating fuel, electricity or other utilities provided by the LANDLORD. 
  • The TENANT is responsible for and agrees to notify LANDLORD’S AGENT before departure of all damage, loss and/or added expense to the premises during the lease term, including pay-per-view TV charges, except normal wear and unavoidable casualty which may result from occupancy. Failure to notify LANDLORD’S AGENT before departure of all known damages or losses may not result in application of the Accidental Damage Protection Program.
  • The TENANT will leave the premises in the same general, good and habitable condition as found on entry, including cleanliness, as described in the attached “Check Out Check List.”
  • The LANDLORD will provide all bed linens and bath towels at the premises.
  • The TENANT shall allow the LANDLORD or LANDLORD’S AGENT to enter the premises upon reasonable request and notice, both inside and outside, to inspect the premises, to make repairs thereto and/or to protect the premises. 
  • The premises (which includes outdoor spaces accessible by TENANT via this Lease) shall not be used for functions such as weddings, wedding receptions, family reunions or any other gathering involving more than the number of occupants specified in this lease agreement unless permission is obtained by the TENANT from the LANDLORD prior to occupancy. If TENANT fails to comply with this paragraph, TENANT agrees to pay a penalty of additional full weekly rental rate as defined by this lease agreement.
  • Use of illegal materials such as fireworks at the property is prohibited.
  • The TENANT will pay $500 for each hour or its portion up to two (2) hours that the premises are occupied after the agreed check-out time.  After two (2) hours paragraph 17 shall apply. $25 per lost key.
  • The LANDLORD will make every effort to ensure that equipment and appliances are in good working order and to have any repairs made in a timely manner, but does not guarantee against appliance and equipment failure including but not limited to air conditioning, Internet, cable TV, dishwasher, washer, dryer or gas grill.
  • The LANDLORD is not responsible for lost or stolen items. The TENANT agrees to pay return shipping and handling charges for any item left behind and requested for return after the end of the tenancy.
  • The TENANT understands and accepts that the property may be protected with outside security cameras (e.g., Ring doorbell). These cameras are used to protect the property from potential break-ins and theft. Any attempt at disabling, redirecting or obscuring the cameras is prohibited and may result in lease cancellation. There are NO cameras activated inside the house.
  • The TENANT holds the LANDLORD and the LANDLORD’S AGENT harmless and indemnified from any insubstantial or non-material deviation between premises information provided at the time of booking and accommodations existing at the time of occupancy, including fixtures, furnishings, equipment, appliances or other personal property, whether due to typographical errors, misinformation or changes made to the premises by the LANDLORD.
  • The TENANT will hold the LANDLORD and/or his AGENT harmless and indemnified from and against all loss, damage and personal injury occasioned by the use or misuse or abuse of any part of or fixture on the premises and from or against any omission, neglect or default of the TENANT, his guest, licensees or invitees.
  • The TENANT will hold the LANDLORD and/or his AGENT harmless and indemnified from and against any claims or damages for bodily injury suffered by the TENANT, his guest, licensees or invitees caused by the use, misuse or abuse of any part of or fixture on the premises and from or against any omission, neglect or default of the TENANT, his guest, licensees or invitees.
  • If the TENANT defaults and/or otherwise fails to comply with any item in this lease, the TENANT agrees to vacate said premises upon two hours’ notice between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm and twelve hours’ notice after 8 PM or before 8 AM from the LANDLORD.
  • During the lease period, if the TENANT fails to vacate the premises after being requested to do so, due to violation of the LEASE, TENANT agrees to pay an additional full weekly rental rate for the property as stated in this lease. After the lease period ends, if the TENANT “holds over” (as limited by paragraph 10), the TENANT agrees to pay an additional full weekly rental rate in addition to a nightly per diem rate.  TENANT shall also be liable for attorney fees necessary to enforce this lease or should action be brought to regain possession or repair loss.
  • On the date the Lease begins if, despite reasonable efforts, the LANDLORD is unable to deliver full possession of the Premises, the LANDLORD shall not be liable to TENANT for any loss or damage nor shall this Lease be void or voidable, but the rent of the Lease Term shall be proportionally reduced. Should the premises become uninhabitable by fire, other casualty or violation of the law the Lease shall thereupon end and TENANT shall be entitled to a proportional refund of the rent.