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Every year in May, the entire nation finds itself struggling over the same thing, what to get our moms for Mother’s Day. Our moms are our heroes, offering unconditional love, support, and protection and you would think it would be easy to find the perfect gift for someone who deserves so much, but if we are honest with ourselves, most years we fail. The flowers we give her may be her favorite color, but they wither far too soon and her favorite restaurant does provide her favorite meal, but soon enough she will be hungry again. We have bought her mother’s rings, mother’s necklaces, and even mother’s bracelets, but we are running out of body parts and we don’t think a mother’s toe ring is something she would appreciate. This year, however, with a little help from your friends at Pretty Picky Properties, your mom is going to be spoiled in all the ways you have always wanted to do as you celebrate her perfection with a gift of a trip to Cape Cod! 

Her Dream Vacation 

Just as every snowflake is different from the other, every mom is unique and her ideas of a dream vacation may differ. Maybe the mom you are celebrating is the mother to your children and because she is in the active parenting stage, meaning the kiddos are ALWAYS underfoot, she may prefer a dream getaway all on her own. Waking up every day of her solo getaway in a charming cottage on the beach, starting each morning with a cup of coffee on the deck letting the serenity of the sea rebuild her soul. Parenting is the most rewarding and the most draining experience of a lifetime and these quiet moments she spends alone will fuel her for the work that remains when she returns home. Not every vacation needs to be on the beach, but the mom you are celebrating DESERVES the peace that accompanies a seaside getaway, and the beauty that can be found in our cottages will bring her joy. Fully equipped kitchens may never be used for more than keeping coffee brewed and wine chilled as Cape Cod is filled with restaurants that will serve the queen of your world all the delicious food she requires. It’s the living rooms with comfy sofas and state-of-the-art televisions where she may spend much of her time, relaxing and rejoicing as she does exactly what she wants, watching television, reading until the daylight fades and then turning on the side table lamp and reading some more. Mom is used to waking up in a bed crowded with littles and pets, but in our bedrooms, her solitary journey will allow her to sleep diagonally on the bed if she likes, luxuriating in the space she rarely gets to enjoy at home. And because every day can begin and end with a walk along the sandy shores of the beach on which her cottage is located, every day will begin and end with moments of pure pleasure and joy. 

The Difference is Clear 

Of course, the seasoned moms that we love and adore, our own mothers, may have left active parenting years long ago and because she only enjoys glimpses of those bygone days when spending time with the grandchildren, a solitary vacation may be the last thing she wants! The good news is our larger homes, some with as many as 10 bedrooms, can allow Mom to enjoy this gift of a lifetime with ALL the people that are her world. Her adult children, her precious grandchildren, and maybe even her beloved fur baby, all can gather together for a vacation of a lifetime on Cape Cod! Large and luxurious homes, perhaps offering a private pool, views of the sea or even views of the charming ponds that dot the landscape of the Cape (and were once used as swimming holes in our own childhoods!) will ensure that every moment spent together as a family will be exciting and entertaining. Mom (Grandma) can revel in this large family event, playing with the grandkids, revealing the secrets behind the meals that no one else can prepare with such magic, and at the end of every day? She can retreat to bedroom suites where soaking tubs, televisions, and the most comfortable beds will be waiting for her, giving her a taste of privacy during her dream vacation come true! Maybe she is an early riser and will start each day with a sunrise walk along the beach or maybe she prefers the magic of a sunset walk along the same shores. Every detail of this getaway will be one that she holds close to her heart when you gift her a Mother’s Day vacation on Cape Cod. Reserve your favorite escape on the Cape and contact us today! 

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