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Chatham & Orleans Properties rent Friday to Friday during Summer Months

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Trash Talk — Intelligent management of trash and recycling for your Cape Cod summer vacation rentals.

Recycling Helps Recycle Guests. You might be surprised how often we hear the frustration of rental guests when they stay at homes that do not offer recycling. They are in the habit of recycling, they feel it’s the right thing to do, and they feel very uncomfortable throwing recyclable items into the trash. So, if you don’t offer recycling at your rental property, we urge you to reconsider. Sure, it’s good for the planet, but you have another important motivation: making guests happy so they will book your property again next year.

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The Secret to Cape Cod June and September Rentals

Homeowner tips for booking rentals in the off-season

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Cape Cod Rental Guest Issues Require Rapid Owner Response

“How come I can go through the rest of the year without a single repair issue at my house, but as soon as the rental season arrives, things start to go wrong?”   I have heard that lament from many an owner during Cape Cod rental season, and as an owner myself, I feel their pain.   A lot of owners blame guest abuse for some of the problems that...

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September is beautiful on Cape!

Looks like summer is lingering on the Cape.  Time to get away for a week or a long weekend and experience a truly select home for a fraction of the peak summer rental rate.  All with uncrowded roads, beaches and restaurants, many of which are also offering off-season menu pricing. It’s not too late to enjoy the Cape in 2015

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Good News for Late Bookers!

If you know families who haven’t gotten around to reserving their Cape summer vacations yet, please tell them it’s not too late! Yes, the improving economy has led more people to book with confidence this year. And yes, Pretty Picky’s select properties are the most sought after and tend to book faster and earlier than most. But you’ll be amazed by the fine selection of prime properties and choice summer...

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