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Top Food Trucks to Try on Cape Cod

Welcome to Cape Cod! As you explore the charming streets and sandy shores, be sure to enjoy the flavors of Cape Cod’s top food trucks. Each truck offers a unique taste of the Cape’s diverse culinary scene, from mouthwatering barbecue to delectable cannoli’s.  Off the Grid One of the gems of Sandwich is Off the Grid, a renowned food truck located outside the Hillport Gallery. Nestled conveniently near the intersection...

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Property Walkthrough: Song of the Sea: 017-OB

Are you ready for your next escape? If so, it’s time to book your stay at Song of the Sea 017-OB, your home away from home along the coast. This 3-bedroom haven is the perfect retreat for a family getaway or a trip with friends. Read below to learn more about the laid-back vibes and amenities that await you at Song of the Sea.  Features & Amenities  Song of the...

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Top Reasons to Spend Christmas 2023 on Cape Cod

Embrace the classic New England charm and coastal magic as you visit Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for your Christmas getaway. As the holiday season unfolds, Cape Cod becomes a dream destination where tradition meets coastal beauty. Picture festive lights casting a warm glow on the area, the scent of saltwater mingling with seasonal treats, and a sense of community that defines the spirit of Christmas. Uncover the allure that makes Cape...

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Property Walkthrough: Home Bays 111-B

The annual family vacation is a time honored tradition that, thankfully, remains strong and as we grow older, we start to become aware of the importance of our origins. Our parents are also growing older and although we don’t want to think about it, will not be with us forever.   As thoughts turn to family vacations with the original generation included, Pretty Picky Properties would like to take a few...

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Guide To Thanksgiving 2023 On Cape Cod

As the end of year holidays roll around again, there is a certain excitement that fills the air of Cape Cod about one holiday in particular. We live in the seat of our nation’s beginning, located just minutes away from the most famous rock in the world, Plymouth Rock, which should be your first clue as to which holiday we love most! Yes, Thanksgiving on Cape Cod is a holiday...

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Property Walkthrough: Come Wade With Me 280-E

Generally, a beach vacation, while peaceful and serene, takes place in full view of all the beachgoers who all feel the need for a little salt-air therapy, but when your Cape Cod Journey brings you to the doorstep of our Pretty Picky Properties Come Wade with Me sanctuary, the difference will be immediately clear! Located within a 5-minute walk from the beach and offering views of Cape Cod Bay on...

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Spend Halloween 2023 In Cape Cod

Traveling at Halloween is something not everyone can do, but if you are one of the lucky few, completing a journey to Cape Cod may just end up being your new favorite way to celebrate the holiday. The crowds lessen during this amazing time of year, giving visitors more opportunities to live like a local, which of course means celebrating Halloween. Participate in local trick or treating, attend Halloween events,...

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Property Walkthrough: Better Together

We at Pretty Picky Properties have learned a few things over the years we have been in the vacation rental business on Cape Cod. We have learned what colors make people feel comfortable, we have discovered the best spots to eat lobster, and we have learned that some things work best because they are better together! Better Together also just happens to be the name of one of our more...

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Property Walkthrough: Cummaquid Retreat: 334-Ba

You will have lots of opportunities for luxury and fun when you choose Pretty Picky Properties’ Cummaquid Retreat 334-Ba for your vacation sanctuary. Offering 3 beautiful bedrooms, 3 spacious baths, and a heated saltwater pool that will provide hours of entertainment options during your summer escape to the Cape, this Barnstable home is definitely a popular choice for travelers! Located close to the restaurants and shops that make Cape Cod...

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Spend Labor Day 2023 On Cape Cod

As summer draws ever closer to its natural conclusion, we at Pretty Picky Properties are already starting to feel more than a bit melancholy. Cape Cod is a beautiful place to live and play, no matter which season we are in, but summers are when it really comes alive. Soon the crowds will thin, the beaches will empty, and some summer-oriented businesses will close for the season and quite frankly,...

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