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Easter on Cape Cod

Don’t Miss Out on Easter on Cape Cod

Easter on Cape Cod is an unforgettable experience! With its stunning shorelines, beaches, and charming towns, there’s no better place to celebrate Easter than Cape Cod. The possibilities for celebrating this special holiday are endless, from traditional Easter egg hunts to picturesque walks on the beach. Whether you’re looking for a festive family outing or […]

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Property Walkthrough: Shore Daze 096-C

Everyone deserves the type of vacation that spoils from start to finish. Visiting an exotic destination, spending long days at the beach, and wonderfully long evenings living in the lap of luxury in a vacation home that could be described as a vacation experience! When your upcoming journey brings you to the historic charms and […]

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2023 Upcoming Spring Events On Cape Cod

2023 Upcoming Spring Events On Cape Cod

Oh, how we look forward to spring every year on Cape Cod. The winters can be brutally beautiful, with short days, long nights, and snow-covered beaches that really must be seen to be believed, and then one day it happens (just not always according to the season schedule.) We awaken to the sound of snow […]

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Grayduck 207C

Property Walkthrough: Grayduck 207C

A Cape Cod vacation is something that is on nearly everyone’s bucket list, and when your vacation destination dreams come true, it is only fair that the property you shelter in should be a vacation dream come true as well! We at Pretty Picky Properties understand what vacationers seek, and for the larger traveling groups […]

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